Electronics Integration

As technology progresses, the systems on our boats become more and more integrated. This is true for all different types of systems. One of our most recent installations is a prime example of this. We installed a Fusion RA70N and a new Garmin GPSMap 7612xs. Fusion has designed this stereo to connect to the Garmin gps through a NMEA 2000 port on the back of the stereo. We ran a drop cable to the NMEA 2000 backbone and the integration was seamless. This allows full operation of the stereo on the screen of the gps. The customer can now control the stereo from the helm even though the stereo is mounted elsewhere. The stereo also has Bluetooth and can be controlled 065-P1240531with a cellphone, tablet, or other compatible Bluetooth device. We are very pleased with the seamless installation and integration of these products and would recommend them to anyone looking for convenience and integration in their marine electronics.

See the Fusion RA70N

See the Garmin GPSMap 7612xs

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