The Well Connected Boat

What is “The Well Connected Boat”?

Our certified technicians have the knowledge to get your boat wired the right way. We comply with the standards and technical information reports set forth by the American Boat & Yacht Council. This helps to make your boat a safer boat, and a boat that is wired to suit your specific needs.



There are many things to take into consideration when selecting/installing batteries in your boat.  How much power am I using?  Do I have the means to keep my batteries charged?  What type of battery best suits my application?  What am I powering?  Are my batteries properly protected?  What battery switch configuration should I have?  What kind of maintenance needs to be performed?  These are all things to keep in mind.  At Apollo Marine Solutions we will help you select the right battery/batteries that will work for you.  Our certified technicians will design a system that works for you.  We have experience with all different types of batteries and the knowledge to wire them correctly.




Charging Systems

Selecting and installing batteries is only half the battle.  The next issue is, how am I going to keep my batteries maintained?  There are a number of different ways to keep your batteries properly charged.  Most boats are equipped with an onboard battery charger and alternator for charging.  It is imperative that batteries be charged and discharged properly in order to get the longest life possible out of your batteries.  Different types of batteries accept charge at different voltages.  Many of today’s onboard chargers have preset configurations for different types of batteries.  There are also alternative methods for charging.  We have experience with solar and wind charging systems.  We design charging systems to fit the needs of each boat that we work on.  Let us help you design the perfect system for your boat.


Over current Protection

One of the most common mistakes made when designing/installing any electrical system is having over current protection that is not the right size or even no over current protection at all.  The fact is that all ungrounded conductors must have over current protection as close to the source of power as possible, and it must be properly sized! Knowing where and what size over current protection is needed is key in designing a “Well Connected Boat”.  The American Boat and Yacht Council has many standards pertaining to this issue.  Our technicians always make sure that the systems we install are properly protected.


Electronics Installations

It seems that every day there is something new in the world of marine electronics.  More now than ever, the marine electronics are designed to work together.  Apollo Marine Solutions technicians are trained in many different electronics systems and understand what it takes to have your devices communicate with each other.  Whether you are replacing an existing system or adding new equipment, look no further than Apollo Marine Solutions for all of your electronics needs.


We can also give you a competitive bid for any system you may be considering for your yacht.